Rengetsu was a a deeply compassionate person, with a special feeling for children. Since our aim is to continue her work, we support an orphanage in central Thailand called Baan Unrak or House of Joy. Situated on the Burmese border, the home serves some 160 children, many refugees from the Mon and Karin minorities in Burma, most of whom have been separated from their families. A progressive, humanist community, they provide their children with a chance to grow up in a safe, nurturing environment, to have a solid education and learn the skills they will need to survive and thrive in the world as adults. They have many donors, but even more needs, and we finance as many as possible through the work we do here at the Rengetsu Foundation Project. We are currently financing the construction of a well, water catchment and plumbing system, to insure there is enough water for the children and their care givers to drink and bathe during the dry season. Please take a look at their website and the PDF of the water project by clicking below.

Website of Baan Unrak
PDF download of Water Project