We aim to make the artwork, poetry, life story and teachings of Rengetsu more accessible to those drawn to her spirit. In the public part of this website you will find the beginnings of this work. There are some 100 artworks available for viewing. The database of her poems contains all 887 of poems currently attributed to her, and provides poetry lovers and scholars a means of searching for a single poem or reading them all. As of this writing, we have all of them transcribed into Japanese and Romanized Japanese and half of them translated into English. The English translations are on track to be completed in 2013, and our staff will happily translate any Rengetsu poem requested free of charge. We also aim to provide a nuanced picture of her life and personality through a compilation of chrolological facts, the translation of her letters, relating episodes from her daily doings, and providing information on the artists and literary figures she worked with and the places she went and wrote about.

We have spent years developing a collection of some 100 of her finest works. These will be available exhibition in museums worldwide, beginning with a show in Japan in 2014 and continuing on to Sweden the following year. The will also form the basis of a handwriting library, in which we will isolate digitize every kanji, kana and signature in the entire group, and making them available for easy refernce online. In the future, The Rengetsu Foundation Project intends to drop the Project, becoming anestablished culturally-oriented NGO: The Rengetsu Foundation. We hope to obtain grants to translate Rengetsu’s poems into many languages,extended the gentle philosophy of modest observation and gratitude native to her work to anyone who might wish for that experience.